Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I mentioned previously that I was working on a rewrite of my first ever short story.  It's a zombie story I've named "Running on Empty".  I first wrote it five or six months ago, and its latest incarnation looks nothing like the first. 

Last night I edited the story once more, and honestly I consider it pretty much done.  Or at least, it's as good as I can get it with my current ability.  I have a deadline looming when I'll have to hand it over, and it's probably a good thing.  My writing has changed so much in such a short time that I can't help but wonder what this same story would look like if I just sat on it for another six months.  If I waited a year, surely then I'll be a better writer!  But soon it will go out into the world, and I will no longer be able to tinker with it.

In the meantime, I intend to check it again a few times today, and I'm enjoying reading a book that I haven't read since I was in high school, called 'Obernewtyn' by Isobelle Carmody.  And when I put the book down for a break, I ponder which of my stories I'll make grow up next.  I'm sure whichever I choose, it'll be happy that it wasn't my firstborn :)

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